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Small businesses need a taxation & advisory partner, not just an accountant. Our increasingly complex business environment is forcing small business to respond to new challenges every day. Begin a partnership with BTC and overcome every challenge with an expert team of business & taxation advisors.

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The BTC Partners Share a Few Words of Advice

Tony, Robert and Frank took some time out of their busy advisory schedules to discuss some important advice for Small Business owners. If you’re running a business, watch the short video and gain a wealth of knowledge from our team.

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Let us Help Your Small Business

BTC is dedicated to understanding the challenges that our small business clients face. At BTC, it is important to us that we develop a partnership with our clients and develop a unique plan that suits you and your business. Whether you are just getting started, or are an established small business, there are several different aspects to consider when growing your business.

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Maintaining Customers

Building a strong relationship with your customers allows for individual attention and also the ability to differentiate customers and their needs. By interacting with your customers you can learn to customize your products and services to what your client needs. Maintaining strong relationships with your customers will result in substantial growth for your business.

Staying Relevant

In ever-changing business, it is vitally important to stay relevant to the competing market. Don’t pretend that what you were doing 10 years ago is gonna work for the next 10 years. Ask yourself “Is this going to be relevant?”. Business revolves around new ideas and innovation. Therefore, to succeed in business, you have to be willing to continuously devise new ways to carry out your practices in a more efficient and effective way.

Growing Your Business

Before you expand your business, it is important to ensure that you have to have the right processes in place in order to let it expand quickly. Get your in-house intact and have the right processes in place in order to ensure that your business will grow consistently and effectively.

It Helps To Get Help

At BTC, we like to analyse how our clients are growing, financial information, set parameters and give them guidance on where they need to be. Business growth profit maximisation and wealth creation can be more easily achieved by development of a practical and achievable business plan, detecting areas of poor profit performance, high expenditure and depressed turnover, providing regular budgets and actual comparisons, and preservation of profits. At BTC, we ultimately put the structures in place to help our clients achieve their goals, and grow their business efficiently and effectively.

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We’ve been servicing small businesses with expert advice for over 50 years. It would be our great pleasure to assist your business.

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