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Our business is your business. We’re a dedicated team in Liverpool with a family-style of partnership with our clients. We focus on providing proactive service. We treat our clients like family. Could you benefit from a team of professionals like BTC?

About Us

Our Business is Your Business

Business & Taxation Concepts is a 7-partner practice and is considered the largest Accountancy Firm in South West Sydney. At BTC, we listen and evaluate your particular circumstances in order formulate a tailor-made solution that suits your needs. This has been the cornerstone of our services and is essential to the success and growth of our practice.

More than just Your Accountants, We're Partners

Being a client of BTC is about joining a long-lasting, family-business style partnership that will grow your business. We work closely with our clients in order to truly understand the challenges and opportunities that are faced in an ever-changing business environment.

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Investing in Ourselves

We believe that investment in our people is critical to your success. Through staff education such as association seminars and in-house training, we are able to ensure that our clients receive the latest cutting edge advice.

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At BTC, we understand the difficulties that entrepreneurs often face when building a successful business. BTC believes in several key factors that can aid an entrepreneur in surpassing the competition. At the core of entrepreneurship is the ideal that persistence is the key to success. Of equal importance, however, is the ability to accept failure and move forward.

Personal Finances

At BTC, we understand that beginning to invest can be an overwhelming task. BTC is here to help clients avoid the pitfalls that less experienced and even sometimes veteran investors run into. After developing a partnership with the client, BTC will develop a practical and achievable plan for you that not only meet the needs of the client, but ensure that the process is painless.

Small Business

Whether you are just getting started, or are an established small business, there are several different aspects to consider when growing your business. First and foremost, it is important at BTC to develop a partnership with clients and develop a unique expansion plan that suits you and your business. Throughout the partnership, BTC will provide proactive support to secure the consistent and manageable growth of your business while providing the latest insight to ensure your success.


Medium to Large Business

At the big business level, the continual expansion of staff is essential to ensure that your business continues to grow. First and foremost, however, it’s vital to have the courage to grow yourself, your team, and your business. BTC can not only help you and your business with various aspects of your business including: maintaining accounting record, budgeting and cash flow forecasting, and selecting the most appropriate, but BTC is also a valuable second opinion for in-house council.


Come meet our team of professional financial advisors. It would be our great pleasure to assist your business.

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